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With an era of transformative technology under their belt, and a decade of honing their infrastructure, Cisco adds another building to its compelling campus. Charting an intriguing journey of adaptation and progression, translated into an immersive ecosystem by RSP Design Consultants, Mrinalini Ghadiok unravels the story of accommodating dynamic human resources, and creating an enveloping environment.

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Once nicknamed the Garden City for its lush expanses, pockets of verdant thicket and peppered with over 200 water holes, Bangalore today stands as a changed city. The southern beauty is now referred to by her former name, Bengaluru; is known as the Silicon Valley of India, and is inhabited by more than 200 software companies. The city, which was popular with students for its many renowned educational institutes, is now overcome with young professionals aspiring for work and life in the IT sector or waging to evolve their start-ups into successful businesses. Bangalore, or better so Bengaluru has given way to the Pensioner’s Paradise to become the fastest growing cosmopolitan city in Asia. There is no surprise then that when the celebrated American IT enterprise, Cisco was seeking to establish a presence in the East in 2005, they set foot within the largest conglomeration of engineers in India.

The San Jose based company that worked out of 7 million square feet of office space, desired to move nearer to the source of business, and develop a globalisation centre. Driven by the sheer availability of talent, Cisco emerged in Bengaluru to found its Eastern Headquarters. Prasad HR, Director of Work Place Resources India at Cisco defines the thought behind the company’s arrival in India – “Globalisation for us means going down closer to where the clients are, where the actual business is. Instead of making products and selling them in a market, we wanted to go into the market to understand the kind of products that were required, and accordingly innovate ideas, and design and build the products and systems to meet those requirements of a particular user in his/her own territory.”

Cisco found a partner in the recognised Bengaluru developer, Prestige, who offered them a large tract of land in Cessna Business Park, on which a state-of-the-art campus could be built. Enfolding into their team RSP Design Consultants, Cisco began to outline its future vision in what was to eventually become a mini city. Projecting at their growth over the next ten years, the masterplan for the approximately 45-acre site located in Marathahalli was meticulously developed by RSP, keeping in mind the ambition to create a selfsufficient estate.