Vaswani Centropolis Bangalore

RSP INDIA / Vaswani Centropolis Bangalore

When a commercial building comes up in a predominantly residential area, there is considerable concern of the impact of the building on the visual language of the area. This was our first concern as we sat about designing a curvy elevation that softens the building.


Client: Vaswani Developers
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 1.146 Acres
Total built up area : 0.12 Million Sq.ft.
Parking area : 71,750 Sq.ft.

Scope of Services :
Building Design

A ‘soft’ island building in the middle of the city blends in

Centropolis is an office building in the heart of Bengaluru at Langford Road. The site is located at the corner of two roads and hence there is sufficient access. We utilised this feature to create multiple access points to the project to fulfil any future demand. The styling of the building is done with a soft view of the surroundings.

Smooth contours on the facade help in mitigating the sharpness of the building on its surroundings. The building blends, in a rather calm demeanour with its surroundings and causes little disruption to external traffic because of its well-planned entry and exits.

Design Direction

Low on energy, high on value

The built form is articulated in accordance  with the sun path and shading devices are used to reduce  glare, energy consumption and air-conditioning costs. The  curved glass walls also impart a hi-tech appeal to the  building and low-reflection glass is used to achieve  transparency of the volume.

Designed around convenience

Designed like an island, there is free vehicular flow around the core building structure and this ensures that vehicular traffic outside the building is not disrupted because of quick clearance of traffic into the basements.

Blend in

The facade has been broken to help the building blend in seamlessly with its surroundings. The floor plate has been maximised while complying with all building and safety norms.

Elevation of components

Louvres on the elevation not only broke down the visual scale of the building facade, but also lent an energy saving aspect to the building. They also helped build visual privacy for the residential areas beyond.


A simple floor plate allowed for good utilisation by tenants and eventually the end-users.