Prestige White Meadows Bangalore

RSP INDIA / Prestige White Meadows Bangalore

Bengaluru based Prestige Developers is known for quality of design and detail. This project demanded no less. RSP was brought in to design an ideal mix of villas and apartments.


Client : Prestige Group
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 29 Acres
Total built up area : 2.5 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Masterplanning, Building Design, M&E Engineering

Built on a hillock. Built for lifestyle.

Prestige White Meadows is a unique high end residential development in Whitefield, Bengaluru. The key challenge in this project was the undulating nature of the 29-acre site which we carved into a design feature. The building embraces the terrain and becomes one with it.

Using the almost 30 metre level difference in the site, the design concept of the villas creates an ambience of a community in a mini hill station. The project also has apartments which have been designed to be villas in the sky. The 90-metre towers provide grand views of the surroundings.

Design Direction

Villas in the Sky

There are two types of villas – duplexes and triplexes. The triplexes bring high luxury features such as private sky swimming pool.

Super large spaces

The apartments are designed with extra large dimensions. The feeling of vast space within each home has become a prime selling feature of the project. Each home has been designed with social spaces within the unit. This provides a lifestyle complete within and outside the home.

Luxury is the theme

A vast clubhouse loaded with amenities is the crowning glory of this project which abs thoughtful features like access to terrace gardens from the upper levels. The clubhouse is designed to be the welcoming feature of the project and hence finds itself right at the entrance of the project.  Visitors are given a grand experience which further completes the experience for the residents who can lead an active social lifestyle. The terrace deck opens out into the multifunction and club spaces.

Plug and play

The services are integrated into each unit in such a manner that the whole setup is seamless. Co-ordinated HVaC systems, Pre-installed central air conditioning and Pre-done services have been planned in such a way that they don’t clash with the aesthetics of the buildings.