Manyata Embassy Business Park Bangalore

RSP INDIA / Manyata Embassy Business Park Bangalore

This campus boasts of housing about 95,000 professionals and many of the widely known brands to reckon with.


Client: Manyata Developers & Embassy Group
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 300 Acres
Total built up area : 74 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Masterplanning, Building Design and Interior Design

Where coming together is a celebration

Situated on a 300 acre site along the outer ring road in Bengaluru, the business park houses IT/ITES companies and has been rated as one of the best performing IT/ITES SEZs.  The campus has lush green landscape with broad avenues and adequate services infrastructure to cater to 120,000 end users.

Prominent occupants include Philips, IBM, Fidelity Investments, NSN amongst others.  Central amenities like food courts, ATMs, Banks, Fire station, recreation block etc., are also provisioned in the business park. The Master plan, sensitively zones the commercial, residential and recreational districts and provides a central activity zone to buffer the residential precinct.

Design Direction

Co-existence of realms

The Campus and the buildings of the park are characterized by a clear entry, consistent fabric and a clear edge.  The buildings cluster around to form active courts and streets extending the public realm.

Of movement and pause

The streets are defined, linear urban space for pedestrians within the various smaller campuses forming the unified whole larger campus.  These streets are small in scale and are the local pedestrian connectors throughout the Campus.  They act as active urban spaces and have been reinforced with an incidental quadrangle or a court that are energized with small, paved gathering and meeting spaces.

Relatable scale and proportions

The orthogonal volume of Buildings with 2 – 10 storeys height gives a legible sense of arrival. Vehicular circulation is limited to the periphery of the campuses and independent buildings while parking is restricted predominantly to the basements.

Movement spines with pause points

Streets form the circulation network that connects the pattern of campus open spaces and provide a framework for the campus experience. The building group forms a quad in the middle of this street that has a vibrant landscaping.