Citrix R&D Centre Bangalore

RSP INDIA / Citrix R&D Centre Bangalore

CITRIX R&D Center – Phase 1&2  reflects brand image and inspires its 500 employees see their workplace as more than just a place to innovate products.


Client: Citrix
Location : Bangalore
Total built up area : 0.25 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Interior Design 

In the clouds

We introduced into the design many collab spaces, open pantries to encourage community, engagement and  interactivity.

The connecting bridge at the upper floor is also a hub of activity having the boardrooms, amenities and shared spaces.

Design Direction

Of linearity and lightness

Lacking a double height the entrance is defined by its linearity and materiality. The is emphasis on the white color, lightness of form and simplicity speaks Citrix and its philosophy of future thinking and virtualization.

Experiential geometry

As a R&D facility, the addition of the CBC -customer experience spaces, clean lines of geometry and modern corporate look is a move to engage with the community as a whole.

Utilitarian interruptions

The spaces, interjected with the planes speaks not only of the multi functionality that lines the common corridors but the unlimited applications of Citrix products. This is bought about by the bright and warm colours which were primarily around the collaborative areas and remaining office space were kept muted with grey carpet and white work stations.

Flowing geometry

The white table tops and other elements are replicated and adds an element of continuity throughout the spaces.

Folding planes

The cafeteria on the upper floor continues to use the element of the white table top in creative ways with the surfaces almost moving through gestures of folding and intertwining. The ceiling also mimics the ever changing geometry and adds an element of play along with the tinted glass and colourful furniture.