RSP INDIA / Britannia

FMCG giant Britannia knows a thing or two about delighting customers through their products. With their new office design, they were clear about being able to delight employees with this space. RSP takes on this challenge.


Client : Britannia
Location : Bangalore
Total built up area : 0.2 MillionĀ Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Interior Design

Biscuits on walls and carpets

Britannia is a pioneer in creating quality FMCG products and almost every household has a Britannia product in the kitchen. How then do we take this inspirational journey forward and continue to engage employees to take the company further?

The office space design for Britannia keeps things simple, to start with. Aligning to the brand was a key strategic driver of the interior scheme from the beginning and hence evolved the idea of using a warm palette based on biscuits from the company.

Design Direction

A view to kill for

The project building is located in a scenic surrounding with plenty of views of landscape. The obvious design decision that emerged was to keep all the workspaces in the periphery while locating meeting rooms and other services towards the core.

Space planning

The office is spread across multiple floors. The 17th floor, the topmost, was chosen to house some of the main areas including the reception, board room and executive cabins with a view to delivering a good guest experience.

Balancing workspaces andĀ amenities

The 17th floor accommodates about 227 people while the other floors also house amenities like a cafeteria, training centres and gym.

A bazaar experience

The office has been designed like a bar with streets and destinations (shops). Instead of shops, this bazaar experience has customer zones, meeting rooms, waiting lounges and reception areas. Subtle graphics bring out Brand Britannia on the office walls.

The finer details

Being an FMCG company, packaging is a crucial part of its logistics system. We drew inspiration from carton boxes while designing perforated panels on the 17th floor meeting rooms. Elements from the dairy industry like cow bells, cheese slices and cow hide prints etc find prominence in elements across the office.