Assetz Daintree

RSP INDIA / Assetz Daintree

Assetz is a developer known for placing a premium on good design. This was a unique opportunity for RSP to deliver design that helped differentiate the project by designing it around the social lives of end users.


Client : Assetz Group
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 4.05 Acres
Total built up area : 0.41 Million Sq.ft.
Basement Area : 0.16 Million Sqft
Scope of Services : Building Design

Socialising begins in the sky

The primary design strategy of this project delivered a lot of interaction spaces for the end users of this building. Not only did the vast number of social spaces on the ground foster interaction, but the additional social terraces on the higher floors creates unique spaces for social interactions.

The design breaks down the massing of the buildings into a human scale and brings the composition of the buildings into a manageable visual perspective. L-shaped buildings break down the continuity of large masses of concrete and help manage good views for all residents.

Design Direction

The club becomes the hub

At the centre of the development is the clubhouse that serves to connect all the blocks of apartments. The club house has been designed to be a separate structure with lots of green spaces.

Terraces and balconies

Huge terraces on intermediate levels provide unique social spaces for residents and playing spaces for children. Large balconies in each apartment help bring the outdoors indoors.

Contemporary, western design

Design sensibilities bring best practices from buildings in developed countries and provide a lifestyle to residents akin to that of people living abroad.

Our view: Provide the best view

The design engages views of the reserve forest and brings a contemporary language to the development. The L-shaped elevation helps increase visibility and provides a bit of green for everyone to look at.