AMD Bangalore

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AMD’s office in Bengaluru is an innovation centre, which means the environment had to foster creativity and thought. We advocated a minimal and warm-toned office with plenty of space, to  help visually clear the mind within the office space and hopefully, help continuous creativity.


Client : AMD India
Location : Bangalore
Total built up area : 1 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Interior Design

Minimal meets warm

Designed to lead the way AMD offices are designed in India, this office for this global technology leader set the tone for the way tech offices are designed in South India. Minimal here is defined by the simple palette of warm tones and straight lines across the office. One could say that the walls vanished and made a lot of way for the spaces within.

The natural double-height spaces helped build a feeling of vast space and the interior scheme did nothing to change that perception. We continued from where the architecture ended and the interiors began, and helped build the feeling of vast space continuously throughout the office.

Design Direction

Keeping it simple

The reception has bold elements including the huge chiseled out logo of the company, that blended into a double height wall. Talk about giving the brand prominence.

Who took the walls?

Collaborative spaces = complete openness at AMD. The only hint of a demarcation of the space comes from the flooring texture. The strategy was to enable a walk-in-walk-out way of life for the employees.


Meeting rooms are designed to provide audio privacy, but some of them, like this one provides a clear see-through experience. One gets to experience and watch animated discussions live in the office, helping impart and share some of that energy and culture around.

The glass house is here

Just like a coloured glass house with a guarded level of visibility, these meeting rooms offer balance between privacy and openness. Smaller pods everywhere in the office offer quick meeting spaces.

A bar of ideas

Keeping it simple all along the way, here is a collaboration space that allows complete participation from everyone who cares to join. Again, the only demarcation of this space is provided by the flooring textures.