driving exceptional value, through design.
A typical job description for our dARC team.

A Light on the DARC

The Design And Research Cell (DARC) is the name of the RSP think tank, dedicated to special projects. We establish new conceptual frameworks and push forward the designs, the tools and the work culture of the company.

The “Eye” in Team

The main focus is to provide a fresh perspective on any project, so we analyse the specific challenges on a case by case basis and assign the most effective team from the roster (integrating synergies from all departments).

Think Global, Act Local

Our core team is comprised of international professionals, with experience and education from all over corners of the world. With cells out of Singapore and Bangalore, and a network spreading across all of RSP branch offices, we bring our expertise to India in the most immersive way possible – by actually being here.

Find Full Focus

We customize the tools and the approach to the tasks at hand. Be it conducting very short and extremely intense exercises or long and cautiously patient processes of analysis, we are primed and will identify a specific way to tackle any problem, and solve it with our weapon of choice: Design.