Sustaining a culture of giving. Putting our collective skills to the greater good.


Our CSR vision is to transform people and society through education. As India grows rapidly, millions of children and youth will need to be included in the education mainstream to truly empower them. RSP India aims to adopt and provide holistic support to governement schools with a particular focus on nurturing underprvivileged children.

Model project

Bommawara Village in Devanahalli taluk is 40 kms from the city. Its villagers are vastly uneducated and rely on milk supply as the main source of income, since the land is arid. The villlage does not have basic facilities such as roads, healthcare, water and drainage systems. To make things worse, several villagers are addicted to smoking, drinking and gambling.

Making healthcare available

To ensure community health, we supported a new health centre in association with Baptist Hospital. This was augmented by a mobile clinic that visits the village every 2 weeks. We helped organize medical camps and a de-addiction program to rid the villagers of their alcohol habit.

Providing education infrastructure

We supported the provision of new classrooms, along with school infrastructure, such as a multipurpose hall and sports facilities. The aim is to ensure that more children participate in extra-curicular and sports activities. We work with NGOs in imparting education.

Providing water

Working with a prominent geologist, Mr. Ayyappa Masagi for guidance on rain water harvesting and rebuilding sources of water, RSP hopes to play a small role in the recharge of ground water in the area. An artificial lake and grey water harvesting project are under way.

Improving drainage

We are working with the local panchayat members for a project to provide proper drainage and waste disposal systems. An STP and garbage segregation/ organic waste conversion facility is being setup, while we play a role in education of villagers on the issue.

Empowering women and children

To empower women, we arranged for sewing machines so that they can sustain their livelihood. A multipurpose hall helps in extra-curricular activites for children and youth, while providing a social space for villagers.  We are working with NGOs to impart education to children and elders (through evening classes), while encouraging youth to participate in village development.

Improving roads and infrastructure

The village has poor access and no proper road surface. We are working with the local panchayat members for improving the condition of roads and work has begun. There is a lot to be done in this space for this particular village and a lot more that we can contribute, not just with financial support, but with our skills. We hope to play a small role in helping build model villages and contribute to nation building.