Hire the best. Provide plenty of opportunities to experiment and take ownership. Deliver success.
A day in the life of RSP.

Hire the best

RSP is an exclusive community of talent and expertise, built over 20+ years. So we hire ONLY the BEST. We search for Enthusiasm and Work ethics, in addition to Skills and Experience. Anyone we hire has to have the passion for design with a “Can do” attitude to make it happen.

Provide opportunities

RSP’s built projects are a standing testimonial to the history of opportunity delivered on. And the RSP portfolio today is an opportunity treasure trove with – Real projects, Large scale projects, Pan-India projects and Multi-disciplinary projects across Building Design, Interiors, Landscape, MEP, 3D and Quantity surveying.

Learn and grow

When you join RSP, you join a fraternity of the best talent in the country. You work with proven designers and experts in the residential, hospitality, health care, commercial, corporate and multifunctional spaces. And with the focus on continuous innovation and cutting edge technology, RSP is the platform to LEARN and GROW as a professional.

Deliver excellence

RSP does not compromise on excellence in delivery – even if it means work /work and then more work. Our professionals are empowered to own their projects, take independent decisions, encourage innovative ideas in people and grow with their projects to become experts in their chosen fields, while delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Strength in relationships

At RSP, you become part of something bigger than yourself. You join a team. A team of colleagues, clients, and consultants. RSP celebrates RELATIONSHIPS – both within and outside. And that’s why – Once an RSPian , always an RSPian!

A day in the life of RSP

Each day at RSP is a new experience. Since we work on very long projects with great degree of detailing, our people make each day count. Get a glimpse of why we do what we do, how we work and what goes on to delivering great work, in this video.