VR Mall Bangalore

RSP INDIA / VR Mall Bangalore

Established in 2007, Virtuous Retail (VR) is an institutionally owned developer-operator of community-oriented premium Lifestyle Shopping Centers. We helped them with the design of VR Bengaluru, an upscale mall.


Client: Virtuous Retail
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 4.14 Acres
Total built up area : 0.89 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services :
Building Design
C/S Engineering
M&E Engineering
Retail Interior Design

The spirit of Bengaluru in a mall

Much has been spoken about the how the spirit of Bengaluru resonates with its title of garden city. The primary concept of this upscale mall was to bring this spirit alive and let people revel in open spaces.

This led to the design of a large courtyard in front of the building being the prime driver of interaction spaces in the building.

Design Direction

A visible retail experience

Inside the mall the retail space are arranged in a manner to maximise visual connectivity to each brand as well as easy accessibility.

Sustainable mix

The mix of spaces balances retail with hospitality in the form of an integrated hotel, entertainment in IMAX and PVR Gold Class and numerous F&B options.

Open air experience

On the rooftop patrons of this mall can enjoy an open air roof top experience in a lounge bar with facility to broadcast on a large screen. This has become a favourite spot for enjoying live matches.

Mall in Black

A unique black facade defines this mall amidst the surrounding environment and gives it a premium feel. As part of the design and detailing process, careful thought was given to aspects of maintenance and long life of finishes.

Making spaces open

There is a great feeling of openness in this retail space with high visibility and opportunities for interaction.