Sands InfinIT Kochi

RSP INDIA / Sands InfinIT Kochi

The brief to us at the beginning of this project at Kochi, was to create an iconic building that epitomises the talent and energy that the city has come to represent.


Client : Sands Infra
Location : Kochi
Site area : 12.74 Acres
Total built up area : 3.6 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Masterplanning, Building Design, C/S Engineering, M&E Engineering, Landscape

A soccer field and cricket pitch on the roof. No, this is an office.

Kochi doesn’t have too may tall buildings and Sands Infra’s new project promises to break quite a few records. Standing tall at 32 storeys with 3 massive basements, this building will house one of the biggest clusters of offices in Kochi.

Some new technologies have been used in this project. Sample this; automated robotic parking, a totally central core with an exceptionally high number of elevators (60), sky gardens with full grown trees at upper levels.

Design Direction

A grand welcome

A densely landscaped podium serves as the perfect welcome area for two massive towers in this project. This area is entirely vehicle-free and will have a few interesting amenities and features – a digital museum that tracks the evolution of computers and technology, a 2-acre landscaped area, an outdoor sculptural museum.

Elevators, move inside please

All elevators (and there are a lot of them) are located in the central core. There are dedicated express elevators for the executive floors located at the top levels. This design scheme ensures that there is plenty of light on the periphery of each floor plate., providing for a pleasant working environment for the people that will occupy this building.

4500 cars and counting

Kochi has stringent parking requirements and the 4500 car parking in this building meant that the parking had to be designed at a high efficiency. We have recommended automated robot based parking that delivers greater efficiency to the parking in this project.

Where trees grow in the sky

One of the key requirements of the design was to provide a highly efficient free designed building. The greener scheme hence rises up to the upper floors. From sky decks which are completely green to trees going at the third floor level, this project has a little bit of green in every corner.