Prestige Technostar Bangalore

RSP INDIA / Prestige Technostar Bangalore

RSP has a long relationship with Prestige, one of India’s largest and finest developers. When we began work on this project, our strategy became clear; minimise impact on the main road and provide future workers in this IT park a reason to love office.


Client : Prestige Estates
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 8.01 Acres
Total built up area : 1.05 Million Sq. ft
Parking area : 0.65 Million Sq. ft

Scope of Services :
Master Planning
Building Design

A heart of green in a sea of concrete

Once we were clear about the strategic direction, the central concept quickly emerged. There would be three buildings with separate service cores with large elongated plates. These would be placed around a core central ‘green park’ with water features and plenty of greenery, an essentially pedestrian area.

There were two interesting results: One, the large central green area running all along the main access road gave the impression of a vast lung space before the actual buildings could be perceived. Two, the flow of pedestrians and vehicles became streamlined with all the services and vehicular access being planned on the perimeter.

Design Direction

Pedestrians, first

A central 1.8 acre open space with water features, meeting and seating areas defines the space composition. The configuration of office blocks minimizes impact on the main road and shields the central pedestrian space. Trees and softscape of park and open space proposed along the road edge filter noise and air of main road traffic and also add richness to the pedestrian experience.

Transparent – in and out

Double height entrance lobbies penetrate all three buildings opening towards central garden maintaining relationship with green and open space. The primary transparent glazed façade along garden face facilitates daylight penetration and create a reflecting envelope around central green extending the open space experience.

Designed for flexibility

Planned as three buildings with separate service cores – flexibility of functioning as single or multi-tenanted. Large elongated floor plates of 25,000 to 30,000 sft offer day light harvesting along garden face and help create a micro climate in between. Service spaces are positioned along outer perimeter to block harsh south and west sun and give homogeneous compositional appearance from outside.

Softening the visual

The building edges are curved to soften the visual impact on the surroundings. The built forms are given distinct identity on main road with strongly expressed staircase towers and curved termination of the office floor plates.

Amenities and functions

Shared amenities include two levels of F&B, gymnasium & crèche/child care.There is parking for 1897 cars planned in basements, stilt, MLCP & surface. There are multi-level greens – at podium, 6th floor, building 02/03/MLCP terraces.