The Oberoi Gurgaon

RSP INDIA / The Oberoi Gurgaon

The design strategy used for this hotel turns several conventions on their heads. Leading  guests through a mini-forest, a lobby which sits at the top, a glass jewel in a blue pond, you get the idea.


Client: Oberoi, Gurugram
Location : Gurgaon
Site area : 8.57 Acres
Total built up area : 0.72 Million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Masterplanning, Building Design, C/S Engineering, M&E Engineering

Stop. Relax. Go

When the guest arrives at the hotel, he leaves behind a world of chaotic streets and sounds. He is greeted by a forest of trees. This orchestrated setting removes the guest from his usual perception of a hotel. The mystical arrival journey brings the guest up a winding landscaped slope planted with lush trees. Amidst the trees, a “Jewel Box” peeks out as an invitation to him. This architectural gem is slowly revealed to the guest as he arrives at the top of the motor court located at the 4th floor.

The change between 2 scenes amplifies an experiential journey. The pause or slowing down of that transition allow one to see more things, hear better and differentiate subtle smell more. The intention in creating this experiential journey in the design of the hotel is to enhance the fact that every guest to the Oberoi hotel is special from the moment he is received as a guest to the hotel.

Design Direction

The jewel in the blue pond

Located at the heart of the hotel complex, the exquisite Jewel Box’s centrality is enhanced by a large reflecting pool in front of it. It is further flanked by the hotel block on the east side and the luxury retail block on the west, forming an impressive setting for The Oberoi. To the rear of the Jewel Box, another smaller glass banquet lobby is created. This smaller lobby receives guests attending Ballroom functions and creates another exclusive drop-off for the guests.

The Jewel Box serves the reception lobby, the exclusive Piano Bar and the restaurants. Looking from within the Jewel box, the guest can enjoy a magnificent view of the reflecting pool with 2 specially designed retail pavilions as the backdrop.

A view for everyone

The linear hotel block is located east of the site. The design deliberately positions the block so that it allows for exclusive landscaped gardens, swimming pool and reflecting pool to helm the views of the 202 guestrooms and suites. Each of the rooms has been carefully designed to allow maximum views to these beautiful landscaped surroundings, offering the guest a variety of visual experience. The rooms are designed to give the bathroom a view to the outside as well. They are luxuriously sized at 530sqft. Occupying 6 floors, the design of the hotel block also serves as a backdrop canvas to the Jewel Box when one arrives from the tree-lined driveway and motor-court.

A bit of retail with a lot of hospitality

The Retail component of the hotel is located on the west of the site. This effectively buffers the hotel from its neighbours. Designed as a luxury colonnaded retail spine, the retail space is anchored at the front of the hotel complex by a pair of specially designed pavilions. The pavilions are designed in glass. Designing their structure on the external façade, they act as architectural features as well as climatic and visual elements. These retail pavilions act as balance elements to the Jewel Box opposite them.

Designed around the guest

The Oberoi, Gurugram is conceptualized and designed with the intention of elevating the guest’s sensory experience. The journey of experiencing The Oberoi is a gradual revelation of its architecture to its guest. His views are framed with vistas, architectural and landscaped elements. This revelation builds anticipation and encourages the guest to discover more about the unique hotel.

A 360 degree experience

The rooms are one of the largest in the region with an average of 530 SFT per room. This design process helps enhance guest experience at each touchpoint, including the toilets which have spacious windows of their own. In 2012, The Oberoi, Gurugram was awarded as ‘The World’s Leading Luxury Hotel’ at the World Travel Awards.