International Tech Park Bangalore

RSP INDIA / International Tech Park Bangalore

Situated in the Silicon Valley of India, the International Tech Park Bengaluru (ITPB) is the country’s first integrated business park developed on the work-live-play philosophy. Borne out of collaborative initiatives between the Singaporean and Indian Governments, the park was implemented by a consortium comprising Indian and Singaporean enterprises to address the need for state-of-the-art facilities to house the burgeoning Information and Technology sector.


Client : ITPL (Ascendas)
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 72 Acres
Total built up area : 32.29 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Masterplanning, Building Design (all phases),  C/S Engineering, M&E Engineering

Iconic part of India’s IT success story

The development is spread over a 72 acre estate located within the suburb of Whitefield, Bengaluru. It is a forerunner of dedicated office space to meet the requirements of the Information Technology and IT enable services sector.  The planning and design feature of the development continues to serve as a bench mark for efficient the development of work space environments in the region.  The layout of office floor plates offer large spans for efficient layouts of open office work spaces.

The concept was unique in offering multi-tenant office and production space together with recreation and living facilities within a self-contained community environment. Each phase of ITPB’s growth is driven by environment friendly planning initiatives and a sustainable approach – with green space that covers over 14 acres.  The development contains more than 30 indigenous and exotic plant species.  Irrigation requirements for landscape are met by recycling grey water.

Design Direction

Efficient and integral zoning design

The Master Plan lays out distinct zones for the development of multi-tenant office and production spaces.  Build-to-Suit facilities (SEZ and non SEZ), Recreation and Hospitality, Residential space and support infrastructure. The efficient planning of the park facilitates interaction between established spaces within the park while affording privacy and minimizing disturbances during future phases of development activity.

Of welcoming spaces and lively pathways

The multi-tenant office complex which spear heads ITPB’s development and growth comprises of mid-rise blocks organized as clusters around landscaped arrival courts and linked by pedestrian courts. Retail, recreational and amenity spaces are located around landscaped court within the lower ground floor. The landscape court at the lower ground floor functions as a plaza for recreational activities that are organized periodically for the benefit of park users.

The precision of space making

The design expression is of clean forms with granite at the base and reflective, unitized vision glazing and aluminium spandrel panels above.  The design emphasis on a precise, uncluttered arrangement of functional elements set within a landscaped environment comprising planted zones and paved courts that affords efficient circulation while providing human scale at the ground plane for inhabitants of the park.

Dedicated spines for different kinds of movement

Parking and traffic circulation are segregated from pedestrian routes within the park. Vehicle parking facilities are adequately planned within open tree-planted sections as well as structured parking in basements and multi-level car-park modules within the Master Plan.

Flexible and agile spaces

The fundamental principles, applied in planning efficient floor plates that accommodate a host of workspace layouts, supported by reliable mechanical, electrical & communication infrastructure and life safety systems, distinguish the International Tech Park, Bengaluru among its contemporaries.

A city within a park

The arrangement of buildings and massing forms a distinctive profile on the skyline that is at once recognizable and has created an iconic image, both for the park and the city. The park currently houses over 130 companies in the IT, ITES, Bio-Informatics, Telecom sector.