Infosys Campus Noida

RSP INDIA / Infosys Campus Noida

When one of India’s iconic technology companies decided to go ahead with its largest campus in North India, the only way to go was upwards.


Client : Infosys
Location : Noida
Site area : 27.58 Acres
Total built up area : 7.05 Million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Masterplanning, Building and Interior Design, C/S Engineering, M&E Engineering,

Kiss the sky, every day

When employees walk into the vertical campus of Infosys, they would not help but feel a sense of pride at the rise and rise of one of India’s most admired companies. The building design celebrates the spirit of the company which became famous for helping its employees rise

The vertical tower campus for Infosys has 101 storeys and will be a 400-metre tower when completed rising above almost everything else in the NCR. It is a self-sufficient, energy-efficient tower that will become a symbol of a new India that is rising.

Design Direction

Customer on top

The company has a fierce sense of responsibility towards its customers and  does everything to deliver technology that can help them succeed. To carry on this spirit, this building has a customer experience centre right at the top floor.

Integrated vertical campus

This building could be termed as a mini-vertical city and comes complete with a range of functions apart from the office areas. Among the amenities are a staff centre, labs, cafes, experience centres and a hospitality zone for customers of the company.

Designed in India. Detailed in Singapore

This project is an example of our global collaboration model. While the design developed by the India RSP office has been selected by the client, our offices in Singapore will help detail the building. As part of the insight we brought were dedicated workshops such as one of vertical transport technologies and sustainability.

A green tower

The campus is designed to be the tallest yet greenest building on the planet. Detailing has been done in mind, keeping the harsh North-Indian weather conditions in mind. For example, the honeycomb pattern on the facade cuts of glare and heat. Sustainable technologies have been used across this building.