GE Campus Bangalore

RSP INDIA / GE Campus Bangalore

The GE Bangalore facility is a medical R&D facility at EPIP that falls within the KIADB zone at Bengaluru. The project scope consisted of setting up a Master-plan for the overall 49.96 acres, in addition to the anticipated buildings and their interiors. This had to be integrated into the campus as part of the facility was constructed earlier.


Client: GE India
Location : Bangalore
Site area : 17.3 Acres
Total built up area : 0.4 million Sq.ft.
Scope of Services : Masterplanning, Building Design

Landscape hubs embracing habitable spaces

The annexed site takes up 17.3 acres of the 49 plus and had to accommodate a built up area of just 3L sft along with a recreation area. Amongst multiple objectives, this was most significant as it could gratifyingly permit a designated green lung space. The 17.3 acres being both visible and accessible from the completed phase had potential to inspire a visitor as well as the client’s aspirations.

The site is contoured, stepping down towards a neighbouring lake at the corner. It opened up the design possibility of buildings growing out of the site, that public spaces could be enhanced and the add-ons crafted with finesse. Buildings could be easily oriented N-S to optimize day lighting. Façade textures with integrating elements would allow spaces to converge and be animated by the movement of people.

Design Direction

Rooted design

The instinctive reaction was to root the design in what had been completed before, but in ways that had to be strikingly fresh. Not simply the geography, topography but also in ways of building, by imbibing the clients mores along with distinctive ways of seeing and experiencing the grounds.

Spaces anchoring people

The concepts that developed were able to assimilate and harmonise with the existing setup – yet with a unique complement that set it apart. The internal courts were ‘snapped’ and opened up as habitable spaces. The spaces in between the office wings / zones became active, landscaped pedestrian hubs that ‘involved ’ rather than ‘ kept-out’ the GE-citizens. Segregation of pedestrian and vehicular spaces evolved , North – South orientation of blocks developed into several interesting concepts which were in consensus with the clients brief. The obligation was to accommodate 2000 people, a recreation / café, security, medical and emergency centers and ample parking.

Of exploration and liberation

The design process inspired an option, in which, the massing was intentionally curved and that brought in a refreshing organic approach. It shifted the emphasis from the continuity of architectural language. This created a fresh energy and finer articulation of all the elements. The Masterplan now had two curved buildings nurturing the landscaped ‘centerpiece’ and straddling the level difference at the site would be the recreation zone that could perhaps ‘flow’ between the previous and subsequent. Rather than being tethered to a point of view that locked in, the shift in visual gear drove and liberated the design process itself.