Echelon Interglobe Headquarters Gurgaon

RSP INDIA / Echelon Interglobe Headquarters Gurgaon

Headquartered in Gurgaon,  InterGlobe Enterprises is a multi-faceted company. Thus the design process embraced a methodology that involves many threads of thoughts and parallel thinking.


Client : Prestige Group
Location : Gurgaon
Site area : 1 Acre
Total built up area : 1.11 Lac Sq.ft.
Scope of Services  : Building Design
Images courtesy of Patrick Bingham-Hall

A youthful beacon of solid and void

Spread over 1 acre of site area in Gurgaon, Haryana, this 7-level office building houses the Interglobe headquarters. InterGlobe ventures into many verticals. Thus began an exploration and a collaborative process of finding the form that resonates with the ethos of the organization.

To bring out the youthful nature of the company, we envisioned dynamic patterns, flowing lines and spaces rich with energy. After many gratifying brainstorming processes, we gravitated towards the unending dualism of light and shade, form and line, built and unbuilt.

Design Direction

Integration of the built and the unbuilt

Integral to the design intent is the objective of integrating landscape with the overall built-form. The resultant design comprises of two 7 – storey towers as a juxtaposition of varying floor plates that create linear courts and terraces.

Streetscape as the lifeline

At the ground level an internal street connects the arrival zone to the Zen garden at the rear. Amenities like café, fitness centre & training rooms are arranged along the street fostering convenient circulation and access as well as avenues for informal interactions. Along this main axis, a grid of pathways generates a system of semi enclosed volumes, defined by the articulated massing of the building, providing a sense of structure while maintaining open outlooks and visual permeability.

Facade that is playful

The façade is deftly articulated with a play of solids & Voids and opaque & transparent surfaces; a rhythmic composition of surfaces and volumes. At night the structure transforms into a glowing lantern and become a landmark for orientation.

A form that is rooted in the elements

The design is cognizant of extreme climate of the region and the articulation of form purposefully promotes ‘self – shading ‘, cross ventilation as well as interesting visual interplay of ‘light & shadow’. With its minimal & strong lines, high degree of transparency, a restricted material palette of exposed concrete & glass and a subtle balance of color and texture, the building exemplifies Miesian principles.